PhoneFuns5 1.0

The indispensable program for the Treo 600/650!

PhoneFuns5 is a utility for your Treo 600/650. Its features include hotkey launcher, DA launcher, brightness control, MP3 ringtones playing, calls / SMS filter, scheduling your phone to turn on/off at a specified time, turning off the screen during calls, upgrading system launcher and much more.


The HotKey makes it much easier and faster to call, send emails & SMS, launch applications & DA, open a website and so on.

HotKey works perfectly with KeyCaps600/650.


Adjust brightness quickly through this function to suit different environments.


MP3 Ringtones enable you to assign different ringtones to your contact. LED reminds you of the contact at the same time.

You could assign different responses to calls and SMS, such as: refuse phone calls, answer calls and reply SMS automatically, hide SMS, delete SMS.

Volume Button

Compared with the standard volume, this feature can do something more useful and less annoying.


More powerful and more useful Keyguard function.


Save your battery power since it enables screen off during calls. With this feature, you will save a lot of power if you usually make calls for a very long time.


Auto to turn on/off your phone at a scheduled time. From now on, your life will be more enjoyable and relaxing. Meanwhile, Battery power will be saved a lot.



PhoneFuns5 1.0